boost low pressure 

boost low pressure 

boost low pressure 

There are a variety of factors to consider when sizing a booster pump to boost low pressure.


Property Type

Number of Users

Peak Usage Times



Noise Level

Positive / Universal




Existing Equipment


Space Restrictions



Number of Outlets

Number of Floors

Distance to Pump


The products selected must suit the demand, longevity and regulation requirements of the property. The number of users, and the peak demand times, also factor in to sizing the system correctly. The end goal is a happy end user and this can be achieved with low noise and energy efficient systems.

Existing equipment can have an impact with performance limiting results. You also must ensure that UK water regulations are met and upheld, with local water authority permission if required. Our team have a wealth of experience sizing systems for all property types, please click Specify below to have your own project sized.




can I boost directly off the mains?

You can pump a maximum of 12 lpm directly from the mains in the UK. Pumps that provide a higher performance must not be connected directly to the mains - to do so would be against the law. A mid-sized domestic property would typically require a higher performance than 12 lpm so a combined pump and water storage tank is the best solution to guarantee water availability.



can an accumulator increase water pressure?

Accumulators do not increase water pressure. They simply allow the water system to work at its optimum pressure capacity by supplementing the flow of water when the system has open outlets (i.e. the tap is running). To increase pressure a booster pump is required.



do I need duty, assist and standby?

A single booster pump provides duty without backup. If you are boosting a property that cannot operate without water for a period of time (for example, a nursing home, hospital, or hotel) a twin-pump or three-pump solution that has duty, assist and/or standby functionality is highly recommended.

Single Pump Sets: A Duty pump sized correctly will comfortably boost the application for its lifespan, ideal for domestic properties, or properties with less demand.

Twin Pump Sets: If you go for a Duty pump and Assist pump, the two pumps will share the load ensuring no one pump is overworked. Alternatively, if you go for a Duty pump and Standby pump, the Standby pump will kick in when the Duty pump fails.

Three Pump Sets: Another option to offer your customers is: Duty pump, Assist pump, and a Standby pump. Spread the load between two pumps AND give that extra peace of mind that if one or two pumps fail, the Standby pump is there ready to take over.



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