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whole house boosting package solutions

whole house boosting package solutions

whole house boosting package solutions

Systempro 4.1

Product Code: P9400SP
Standard Domestic House

• All In One Package Solution
• 2 Bathrooms, 1 Shower, Kitchen & Utilities
• Low Noise, High Performance


Systempro : whole house boosting package solutions.

Application : Typically 2 bathrooms, 1 shower, kitchen and utilities.

Systempro 4.1 is ideally suited to properties which have a standard layout with tank in the roof space, and a pump and cylinder located on the first floor.

The system is designed for more conventional properties where the cylinder is often in the middle of the house on the first floor, and the break tank is in the roof space. Variable speed pumps have been selected to minimise noise transmission and maximise energy efficiency. Offers many of the benefits of the larger Systempro packages whilst operating at 3.0 Bar.

Designed by our expert technical team, the aim with Systempro is to reduce the time you spend on sourcing and specification by providing an all-in-one package bespoke to the end user's requirements. The packages maximise performance, use space effectively and reduce noise to the lowest possible level by using products that represent the best in technology, energy efficiency and quiet operation.

EU Manufacture
Experienced DIY person or competent plumber required for installation


Our Services

  • Specify My Project : Systempro provides the answer to many standard domestic and commercial layouts, but if you can't find the specifications to suit your project fill in our Specify My Project form to request a bespoke solution specific to your application.

  • Pre-Commissioning : This service will have the pump pre-set and tested prior to despatch to ensure no faults, and a quicker, easier installation.

  • Maintenance : To retain efficiency of the pump unit and to validate the warranty, all variable speed pump units with pressure vessels should be serviced regularly. Domestic applications are recommended a service once a year, commercial applications are recommended a twice yearly service.



System Comprises

Smartboost 2 Pump SetQty 1

Stainless Steel Pressurised Cylinder 255 Litre SetQty 1

Break Tank 525 LitreQty 1
with Insulation WrapQty 1

Water Conditioner 3/4"Qty 1





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Standard Domestic House

• All In One Package Solution
• 2 Bathrooms, 4 Showers, Kitchen & Utilities
• Low Noise, High Performance


  • Systempro 4.1
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