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shower & wetroom drainage

The removal of shower waste from domestic and commercial properties.

shower & wetroom drainage

The removal of shower waste from domestic and commercial properties.

shower & wetroom drainage

The removal of shower waste from domestic and commercial properties.

Shower Waste D2

Product Code: H6600
Unique Compact Macerator

• Domestic Sanitary Applications
• Independent of Gravity Drain System
• Reliable Operation & Easy Service

£771.60 inc. VAT



Shower Waste D2 : domestic drainage.

Application : Suitable for the drainage of domestic sanitary appliances.

The Shower Waste Set is part of a unique range of compact macerators enabling the drainage of any domestic sanitary appliance wherever needed, independent from the gravity drain system. The units collect and pump the waste water through a thin pressure pipe (> 23 mm) to the next down pipe - up to 6 m high or 100 m distance.

The range consists of five compact macerator variants for disposal of domestic waste water. It is designed to take grey waste water from several objects. High reliability, with easy, clean servicing. The units come ready to use with a plug and operate automatically when water enters the tank. The unique modular design with smooth lines and rounded edges, professional cutter and horizontal or vertical discharge pipe connection.

To ensure suitability for your application, please call our technical team on 01793 820142.

EU Manufacture
Experienced DIY person or competent plumber required for installation





Maximum Head
5.5 m

Maximum Temperature

22 / 32 mm Discharge

L x W x H (mm)
376 x 165 x 217



Installation Kit

Shower Waste Set D2
Qty 1






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