Smart-box Mini Tank Set

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Smart-box Mini & 300 Litre Tank

• Boosting Mains Water Pressure
• 300 Litres of Water Storage
• Small Footprint, Low Noise




Smart-box Mini Tank Set : a complete pressure boosting system.

Application : Cold water boosting for residential properties.

The Smart-box Mini is a high frequency self-priming double impeller pump; management inverter electronics, pressure and flow sensors, adjustable high resolution LCD display with 1 litre integrated expansion tank and cartridge check valve. The double suction and delivery ports allow both vertical and horizontal installation. Thanks to the compact size, installation is possible in difficult places without high air exchange. Removing the protection door provides easy access to the air vessel loading valve and the NRV for easy maintenance. The water cooled motor eliminates noise and the inverter technology avoids waste, culminating in significant economic savings.

The 300 Litre tank is made from WRAS Approved polymer. We recommend having the integrated insulation jacket which is engineered to prevent condensation and effectively reduce thermal and energy loss. Insulated water tanks are designed for use where temperature regulation is key and for the prevention of overheating or freezing of liquids, such as domestic water installations. Some installations call for a CAT5 water protection air gap. This is also available as a model option.

This combination of pump and slimline water storage provides a complete solution for boosting mains pressure in domestic properties.



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  • Maintenance : To retain efficiency of the pump unit and to validate the warranty, all pump units should be serviced regularly. Domestic applications are recommended a service once a year, commercial applications are recommended a twice yearly service.




Maximum Pressure
5.0 Bar


Tank Capacity
300 Litre

Dimensions of Pump
L x W x H (mm)
263 x 236 x 439

Dimensions of Tank
D x H (mm)
600 x 1200



Installation Kit

Smart-box Mini 3
Qty 1

300 Litre Tank
Qty 1

3/4" Equilibrium Ball Valve
Qty 1






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