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Temperature Regulator

Product Code: N2726
1.0" Female Connections

• Ideal for Underfloor Heating
• Adjustable Outlet Temperature
• Non-Failsafe
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Thermostatic Blending Valve - non-fail safe valve for general use.

Application : Designed to maintain the preset temperature of the mixed water delivered to the user.

This adjustable thermostatic mixing valve is designed to maintain the preset temperature of the mixed water delivered to the user despite variations in the temperature of the water contained in the system.

It is ideally suitable of use on underfloor heating to maintain the circulating water through the underfloor coil at the preset temperature, by mixing hot water from the boiler with the return water from the coil.

Supplied with parallel threaded ends complying with BS EN ISO 228-1.

The regulating element within the thermostatic mixing valve consists of a temperature sensor in contact with the mixed water outlet. By expanding and contracting the sensor continuously ensures correct proportioning of the incoming hot and cold water by modulating with the obturator on the incoming cold water.

EU Manufacture 
Experienced DIY person or competent plumber required for installation




Maximum Working Pressure 10.0 Bar (static)
5.0 Bar (dynamic)

Minimum Flow5 lpm

Maximum Water Temperature 90°C

Temperature Range40 to 60˚C

Connection Size1.0"



Installation Kit

Temperature Regulator 1.0"Qty 1



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